All-in-One Solution to
Grow Your Followers and Revenue
  • Capture leads through sales funnels and social media.
  • Automate lead follow-up, notifications, and even upselling.
  • Manage all your leads and clients in one place.

Specially designed for Creators, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and Artists who are willing to change the world for the better.

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Are you a self-driven person?

Only a self-driven person can strive in the constantly-evolving technology-driven future.

Want to follow your passion?

The future will reward those who work with passion 100X more than mere job-doers.

Looking for financial freedom?

Whether you’re self-driven, passionate, or both, the numbers will finally decide your total worth.

Why You Should Choose GIGSOFT?

Fully automate your business with the help of Gigsoft.

Market products/services which match your passion, using the automated sales engine.

Leverage your Business globally through sales automation and earn passive income as well.

Earn excellent income and recognition through affiliate marketing, where the sky is the limit.

Be part of a Global community of Gigpreneurs, a tribe of self-driven passionate people aiming to change the world.

It's the best-in-class business solution combining all tools you need in one place

Features of Gigsoft

Gigsoft is is a platform built for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur and sell their products and services exponentially through their online presence influencers, creators, artists, wellness experts, coaches, instructors, studios, freelancers and independent professionals, and more.

Unlimited CRM

Our Customer Relationship Management software is the ultimate tool you can use to get maximum results through the Automation of your lead-generation, conversion, customer support, and upselling processes. Compared to other CRMs available in the market, we are lightyears ahead in quality and affordability.

Social Media Planner

Social Media brings you more leads than from anywhere else. With Marketing tools like Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, etc., you can constantly track whether you are reaching more of the target group, and tweak the contents a bit to hit the right spots.

Funnel Builder

Funnels help you catch the attention of potential clients from the first glance to them filling forms to hand you over their data to avail an offer or make the purchase even. With ready-made templates and an easy-use funnel builder, your product or services will stand out for sure, as attractive lead magnets.


Time is limited. The more you do yourself, the less time you’ll get to expand your niche market. Automate almost everything with our platform and spend your most valuable time on things that matter the most.


Securely collect domestic & international payments through our platform. Trust is gained when clients feel like their money has safely reached you, and you are going to provide the services or products they have paid for.

Unified Inbox

Leads and clients will contact you through multiple platforms – Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Emails, texts, calls etc. This can get overwhelming after a while and may lead to chaos. With Unified Inbox, you can manage them all in one place.

Email Marketing

Emails are half a century old, yet they are still relevant and thriving as well. Emails are viewed as credible by many, compared to cluttered social media. Use Email Marketing for maintaining a genuine relationship with your customer, and upsell through newsletters and exclusive special offers.

Reputation Management

Reputation is everything. Nowadays, people google a company or product and instantly decide whether to proceed with it or move on to the next based on the reviews given by others. It’s very important to build a great reputation to sustain and grow your business.

Recorded Courses

‘Learn before you earn’ do not work anymore in the modern marketing scenario. Technology is changing with lightning speed. ‘Keep on learning even while you earn’ is the new motto. Through embedded recorded courses updated regularly, teach yourself about various marketing platforms and strategies.

Who will benefit from Gigsoft?


Influencers are the modern superstars. As an influencer, you have the power to reach a product, subscription or service to millions of people. But, most of the time, converting them to clients becomes hard because of the overwhelming inflow of abundant data. Don’t Worry! Now, you don’t have to contact each and every one of your potential clients through back-and-forth calling and waste your valuable time.

Affiliate Marketers

Following the latest trends, picking up the right markets, identifying the target customers through referrals and blogs, and providing great customer support through session reminders, invoices, booking reminders, email promotions, etc., Affiliate Marketing is not a cakewalk at all. Well, it can be transformed into an easy job, through Automation. And you can use the saved time to pick up new market areas, all the while earning 10X more.

Digital Marketers

Digital penetration is more than evident even in the industries we thought to be highly traditional. In less than a decade, Digital Marketing might fully replace the traditional marketing methods. Be it identifying trends and insights, working with various content formats like podcasts, videos or blogs, making sure the traffic flow is high or achieving ROI goals, a digital marketer’s jobs vary across multiple dimensions.

Network Marketers

As a Network Marketer, your success depends on the successes of people under you. Again, it’s a job that requires high-level calculations of where-to-place-whom to yield the maximum results. Our platform enables you to expand your network to gargantuan levels. Soon, automation starts creating a pipeline that brings you cash flow with the bare minimum effort.No need to go door-to-door to sell the products anymore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GigSoft?
You cannot run any business without having digital presence. The first reference point for any decision making process has become google and social media handles. This is applicable from verifying a marriage proposal to major business decisions. Most of the entrepreneurs and professionals are struggling to find the right way to create effective digital presence. Most of the time you need to depend on a digital marketing agency. You become one of their scores of clients and they provide you a standard service and charge lots of money, with you having no control on what they do. You just believe the reports and analytic they submit. GIGSOFT can replace a digital marketing agency and work like an in-house digital marketing division for your business or profession. You can save a lot of money and more over you will be totally in charge.
What are the unique features of Gigsoft?

If you outsource the aforesaid services to a digital marketing agency, you can expect a cost of more than 1000 USD every month; without you having any control on the overall process.

How to make use of Gigsoft as a Service?
If you are interested in taking up digital marketing as a profession, Gigsoft can support you. You can save cost of manpower and office when you use Gigsoft to run digital marketing campaigns for other clients. You can manage any number of clients at any point of time using Gigsoft.
Who can use GigSoft?
Gigsoft is is a platform built for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur and sell their products and services exponentially through their online presence – influencers, creators, artists, wellness experts, coaches, instructors, studios, freelancers and independent professionals, and more.
How can I subscribe?
You can refer this website to subscribe GigSoft.
How will I learn to use?
Through our Tutorials and Knowledge Base.